• Graphic Novels and Culture

    Graphic Novels and Culture

    Art and Literature are never created in a vacuum. Your task is to research the culture, revolution, and time period that gave birth to the source material of your graphic novel. Then create a hypothesis about what you think you should expect to see in the book. Use this libguide to help you find resources! 

    Key Terms to Search:

    • African American Culture
    • Buddhist Culture
    • German Culture
    • Jewish Culture
    • Iranian Culture
    • African American Art
    • Buddhist Art
    • Japanese Art
    • Notan 
    • German Art
    • Jewish Art
    • Iranian Art
    • Harlem Renaissance
    • Civil Rights Movement 
    • Race Equality
    • World War Two
    • The Holocaust
    • Islamic Revolution
    • Buddhism
    • Shinto
    • Japanese Immigration 1904-1924

    Basic Searching and Primary Sources: 

    Sweet Search 

    A search engine with pre-evaluated web sites. Great for academic resources!


    A non-commercial search engine for students and educators, with editor reviewed results from universities, government sites, and other non-commercial providers.

    Google Scholar

    A simple way to search scholarly literature.

    Grolier Online

    Search for your topic.


    Search for your topic.

    Library of Congress

    Search for your topic and find primary sources.

    American Memory

    From the Library of Congress. An online museum full of primary sources. 

    Useful Web Sites:

    Civil Rights and African American Culture:

    (Still I Rise by Ronald Laird with Taneshia Nash Laird)

    Civil Rights Digital Library

    A comprehensive digital library dedicated to the civil rights movement. 


    This link brings you to information on the civil rights movement, but you are also encouraged to search specific topics in the search bar.

    The Harlem Renaissance

    A brief overview from Encyclopedia Britannica.

    African American World

    Take a look around this site. It covers history, art, and even has a time line.

    African American Mosaic

    A Library of Congress resource guide for the study of black history and culture.

    African American Artists

    This links to a slide show of beautiful paintings done by African American artists. You are encouraged to take a look around the site to find out more information on the history of African Americans.

    The Harlem Renaissance

    From history.com this page has videos, articles and speeches. 

    PBS The Harlem Renaissance

    From PBS a brief description of what the Harlem Renaissance is. 

    Famous Harlem Renaissance People

    Check out these biographies of famous people from the Harlem Renaissance.

    Iranian Culture:

    (The Complete Persepolis  by Marjane Satrapi)

    Art and Culture of Iran 

    Covers art, architecture, literature, religion, ceremonies, cuisines etc.  

    The Iranian Revolution

    From BBC in pictures, a brief history of the Iranian Revolution. 

    The Rise and Fall of the Shah of Iran

    From Time, a brief history in slide show format of the rise and fall of the Shah of Iran.

    Iran: Revolution of 1979 

    Another brief history in slide show format. 

    Religous Elements of the Islamic Revolution

    A case study from the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, & World Affairs.

    Japanese Culture:

    (The Four Immigrants Manga By Henry (Yoshitaka) Kiyama)

    Japanese Art and Culture

    Features art from the Peabody Essex Museum. 

    The Smithsonian's Museum of Asian Art

    Links to pictures of Japanese Art. Click a picture to learn more about the piece. 

    Time line of Japanese Art History

    From the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

    Japanese Immigration

    A brief history of Japanese immigration.

    The 1920's Anti-Japanese Crusade and Congressional Hearings

    Information on immigration laws in the 1920's.

    German Culture, Jewish culture and WWII History:

    (Maus by Art Spiegelman)

    German Culture

    Facts, customs and traditions.

    The German Way

    Covers German speaking countries. Find Germany and click on what you are interested in learning about. 

    German Art

    From Encyclopedia Britannica, a brief history of art. 

    German Expressionism

    This web site has a variety of German authors and their works.

     Kathe-Kollwitz-Museum Berlin

    An art exhibit

    A Timeline of Jewish History

    This time line is interactive!

    Judaism at a Glance

    A short overview of Judaism. Includes basic facts, statistics, and history.

    Judaism 101

    Use the top bar to click on the tab you are interested in learning more about.

    Jewish Life In Europe  Before the Holocaust

    A brief overview.

    German Resistance to Hitler

    A brief overview. 

    Resistance During the Holocaust

    This PDF goes into detail about those who were brave enough to resist Hitler's Rule. 

    Hidden Children and the Holocaust

    An article from the United States Holocaust Museum with vibrant pictures. Take a look around.

     A Time Line of World War Two

    Click the links to learn more about the topic or event!

    World War Two

    A brief overview from Encyclopedia Britannica.

    Facts, Information and Articles about World War Two

    Take a look around!

    Helpful Books in the School Library:

    Here you will find the call number and title of helpful books you can find and take out. If you are having trouble, ask Mrs. Blaschik for assistance.

    • 323.1 KOS -The Civil Rights Movement and Its Legacy
    • REF 323.1 WEX -The Civil Rights Movement: An Eyewitness History
    • 323.1 DUN -The Civil Rights Movement
    • 323 PEC -Working Together Against Human Rights Violations
    • 342.73 -Civil LIberties: Opposing Viewpoints
    • B Parks -Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott
    • 952  REI PBK -Japan, past and present
    • 952 MAC -Step into Ancient Japan
    • REF 952 COL -Cultural Atlas of Japan
    • 952.909 PIC -Pictorial Encyclopedia of Japanese Culture: The Soul and Heritage of Japan
    • 745.4 BOT -Notan: The Dark-Light Principle of Design
    • 294.3 GAN -Buddhism
    • 294.3 GAR -Buddhism
    • 294.3 JUN PBK -An Introduction to Zen Buddhism
    • 973.04 MEL -The Jewish Americans: A History in Their Own Words.
    • 909.049 JEW -The Timechart History of Jewish Civilization
    •  940.53 ADL -We Remember the Holocaust
    • 940.54 SCH -World War II

    Citing Your Sources:

    It is extremely important you cite your sources and give credit to those you have gathered information from. 

    MLA Format

    Online Writing Lab from Purdue University assists you with not only citing your sources, but also with how to format your research paper.

    APA Format

    Online Writing Lab from Purdue University assists you with not only citing your sources, but also with how to format your research paper.


    EasyBib is a free Bibliography generator for MLA format.