• Mental Health Disorders


    Mental Health Disorders



    Useful Web Sites:

    Mental Health

    mentalhealth.gov is a great place to get your research started. Use the "Basics" and "What to Look For" tabs. 

    National Institute of Mental Health

    Check out the health topics to find out more on your chosen disorder.

    National Alliance on Mental Health

    This website allows for you to jump to specific mental illnesses to assist in filling out your research notes.


    Key Terms to Search:

    • Mental Health
    • Mental Health Disorders
    • Mental Illness
    • Personality Disorders
    • Mood Disorders
    • Anxiety Disorders
    • Behavioral Disorders
    • Substance Abuse Disorders
    • Psychotic Disorders
    • Suicidal Behavior
    • Phobias
    • Generalized Anxiety Disorder
    • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
    • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
    • Panic Attacks/Disorders
    • Bulimia Nervosa
    • Anorexia Nervosa
    • Dissociative Identity Disorder
    • Binge Eating Disorder
    • Bipolar Disorder
    • Schizophrenia
    • Attention deficit Disorder
    • ADD
    • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
    • ADHD
    • Depression
    • Seasonal Affective Disorder
    • Hypochondria
    • (Disorder you are researching) + Symptoms
    • (Disorder you are researching) + Treatments


     Basic Searching and Primary Sources: 

    Sweet Search 

    A search engine with pre-evaluated web sites. Great for academic resources!


    A non-commercial search engine for students and educators, with editor reviewed results from universities, government sites, and other non-commercial providers.

    Google Scholar

    A simple way to search scholarly literature.


    Search for your topic.

    Digital Library
    Search your topic in our virtual library.

    Opposing Viewpoints Database
    Search your topic.



     Helpful Books in the School Library:

    Here you will find the call number and title of helpful books you can find and take out. If you are having trouble, ask Mrs. Blaschik for assistance.

    • REF 616.89 DIA - Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders: DSM 5
    • REF 613 613 MAY -Mayo Clinic Family Health Book
    • 362.19 FAR -Mental Disorders 
    • 616 LIB -Drug Therapy for Mental Disorders caused by a Medical Condition
    • 616.15 LEV -Depression and Mood Disorders
    • 616.85 GID -Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
    • 616.85 LEV -Anxiety and Panic Attacks
    • 616.85 SCO - My Kind of Sad: What It's Like to be Young and Depressed
    • 616.85  BRI -Drug Therapy and Personality Disorders
    • 616.85 REI PBK -Get Me Out of Here: My Recovery From Borderline Personality Disorder
    • 616.85 BRI -Drug Therapy and Anxiety Disorders
    • 616.89 CHE PBK -Manic: A Memoir
    • 618.92 MCI - Youth With Impulse-Control Disorders: On The Spur of the Moment
    • 618.92 MCI -Youth With Conduct Disorder: In Trouble With The World
    • 618.92 MCI -Youth With Depression and Anxiety: Moods That Overwhelm
    • 618.92 HUN -Youth With Bipolar Disorder: achieving Stability


     Citing Your Sources:

    It is extremely important you cite your sources and give credit to those you have gathered information from. 

    MLA Format

    Online Writing Lab from Purdue University assists you with not only citing your sources, but also with how to format your research paper.

    APA Format

    Online Writing Lab from Purdue University assists you with not only citing your sources, but also with how to format your research paper.


    A free citation generator.