• Sculpture


    Your task is to analyze a sculpture of your choosing. This library guide provides helpful web sites to assist you with your task.

    Have fun and feel free to ask Mrs. B. for help navigating web sites!

    Useful Web Sites:

    Modern Sculptures: Saatchi Art

    Explore a vast collection.


    An online collection of many sculptures. 

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art Collection

    This web site has many sculptures and descriptions to choose from. Use the toolbars on the left to narrow your search. 

    The Cleveland Museum of Art

    This web site boasts pages upon pages of pictures and descriptions of sculptures from all around the world.

    Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History

    This timeline allows you to click on regions of the world and view images of art. Click on the image and get a description of the piece. 

    deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum

    Modern and Contemporary outdoor sculpture. Click on a picture for details about the sculpture. 

    Boston College Digital Archive of Art 

    Scroll down about midway for sculpture. Click on links to see pictures, little to no descriptions. 

    The Noguchi Museum 

    Isamu Noguchi was one of the twentieth Century's most important and critically acclaimed scupltorsBrowse the Noguchi Museum gallery. 

    Jason deCaires Taylor

    In 2006, Taylor founded and created the world’s first underwater sculpture park. Click here to see a gallery of his underwater works. 

    Interesting Video:


    Citing Your Sources:

    It is extremely important you cite your sources and give credit to those you have gathered information from. 

    MLA Format

    Online Writing Lab from Purdue University assists you with not only citing your sources, but also with how to format your research paper.

    APA Format

    Online Writing Lab from Purdue University assists you with not only citing your sources, but also with how to format your research paper.


    EasyBib is a free Bibliography generator for MLA format. 


    Free tool to create citations. Also is a free app to use with your smart phone.


    Couldn't find what you were looking for? interested in learning more about sculpture? Do some of your own research with these helpful tips and links below.


    Sample Key Terms to Search:

    • Sculpture
    • Sculptors
    • Ancient Sculpture
    •  Italian Renaissance Sculpture
    • Greek Sculpture
    • African Sculpture
    • European Sculpture
    • Native American Sculpture
    • Ceramic Sculpture
    • Romantic Sculpture
    • Realist Sculpture
    • Modern Sculpture
    • Contemporary Sculpture
    • Welded Sculpture
    • Figure Sculpture
    • 20th Century Sculpture

    Basic Searching and Primary Sources: 

    Sweet Search 

    A search engine with pre-evaluated web sites. Great for academic resources!


    A non-commercial search engine for students and educators, with editor reviewed results from universities, government sites, and other non-commercial providers.

    Grolier Online

    Search for your topic.

    Helpful Books in the School Library:

    Here you will find the call number and title of helpful books Mrs. Webster has borrowed for your class. Ask her to look through them. 

    • Scultpure -730.9 CAR
    • The Process of Sculpture -731.4 PAD
    • American Folk Sculpture -745 BIS