• The 1920's and Gatsby


    The 1920's and Gatsby


    Key Terms to Search: 

    • The 1920's
    • Roaring 20's
    • Ford Motor Company
    • Model-T 
    • Henry Ford
    • Flappers
    • 1920's Fashion
    • "bob" haircut
    • The Lost Generation
    • 1919 World Series
    • Bootlegging
    • Speakeasies
    • Prohibition
    • Al Capone
    • Harlem Renaissance
    • Jazz Music
    • F. Scott Fitzgerald
    • F. Scott Fitsgerald Estate
    • The Great Gatsby

    Basic Searching and Primary Sources: 

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    American Memory

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    Helpful Web Sites:

    1920-30 website

    This website covers a little of every topic. 

    1920's libguide

    A library guide from CNU that covers many of our topics.

    Best of History

    A list of Roaring 20's web sites that cover most topics.

    People History

    Time line and Pop culture

    Fashion Era

     A look at Fashion in the 1920's.

    Men's Fashion

    A look at men's fashion in the 1920's.

    1919 World Series Scandal

    From the History Channel. This covers what happened during the World Series.


    Ohio State University breaks this topic down for you.

    1920's Hairstyles

    Learn about the "bob" here.


    This links to Harlem Renaissance information. History.com is useful for searching any topic of your project, you are encouraged to search your topic in the search bar. 

    Harlem Renaissance

    The National Gallery of Art. Brief description of this time period, artists and high lights the visual arts.

    The Lost Generation

    A brief video explaining "the lost generation".

    More on the Lost Generation

    This website gives a great explanation of the Lost Generation.

    American Story Tellers

    Here you can find a brief biography of F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife, Zelda.

    Scott and Zelda

    Information on both F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald. Also briefly covers the lost generation.

    St. Valentine's Day Massacre

    Links to history.com - look at links below this as well for more on the mafia and Capone. 


    Interested in a person's life? Search their name here.


    Interesting Videos:

    Here you will find videos about the 1920s

    Snapshot Video

    A snapshot of the 1920s. 9 minute video from PBS.


    Helpful Books in the School Library:

    Here you will find the call number and title of helpful books you can find and take out. If you are having trouble, ask Mrs. Blaschik for assistance.

    • REF 306 BOW Bowling, Beatniks, Bell-Bottoms: Pop Culture of 20th Century America 1920s-1930's
    • 779.02 MUR Revealing Eye: Personalities of the 1920's
    • 973.91 LIV Living in 1920's America
    • 973.91 LIN America in the 1920's
    • 973.91 ONE America in the 1920's
    • REF 973.91 HOW The Roaring Twenties Almanac and Primary Sources
    • 746.9 NIV Fabulous Fashions of the 1920's
    • 391 HER Fashions of a Decade: The 1920s
    • 305.4 GOU Flappers and the New American Woman: Perceptions of Women From 1918 through the 1920's
    • 305.242 SAG Flappers: A Guide to an American Subculture
    • 363.4 BLU Bootleg: Murder, Moonshine, and the Lawless Years of Prohibition
    • B CAP Al Capone and the Roaring Twenties
    • REF 796 WAL Sports in America 1920-1939
    • 974.7 KOO The Harlem Renaissance
    • 700 HAS The Harlem Renaissance 
    • 810.9 The Harlem Renaissance
    • B FIT F. Scott Fitzgerald
    • 813.9 WAY F. Scott Fitzgerald and the Art of Social Fiction
    • 813 COM How to Analyze the Works of F. Scott Fitzgerald
    • 813.52 JOH Class Conflict in F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby
    • 813 WYL Understanding The Great Gatsby

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