• The Salem Witch Trials, Miller and McCarthy

    The Salem Witch Trials, Miller and McCarthy


    Key Terms to Search:

    • The Salem Witch Trials
    • Bridgete Bishop
    • Rebecca Nurse
    • Martha Cory
    • Mary English
    • John Willard
    • John Proctor
    • Elizabeth Proctor
    • George Burroughs
    • Ann Putnam
    • Abigail Williams
    • Mary Warren
    • Tituba
    • Samuel Parris
    • Cotton Mather
    • Govenor William Phips
    • Arthur Miller
    • The Crucible
    • Joseph McCarthy
    • McCarthyism
    • The Red Scare
    • communism
    • HUAC

    Basic Searching and Primary Sources: 

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    Library of Congress

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    American Memory

    From the Library of Congress. An online museum full of primary sources. 

    Useful Web Sites for the Salem Witch Trial:

    The Salem Witch Trials

    Documentary Archive and Transcription Project. 

    The Salem Witch Trials

    A brief overview of this complex time in history.

    Famous American Trials

    Find a variety of information about the Salem Witch Trials.

    A Brief History

    The Smithsonian gives a brief history of the Salem Witch Trials.

    National Geographic Interactive

    Can you survive Salem's witchcraft hysteria? 

    Salem Witch Hysteria Fungus Theory

    From the New York Time an article that discusses one theory on what really caused the girls hysterics.

    Salem Witch Hysteria Cold Weather Theory

    From Live Science this article suggests cold weather may have been behind the witch hysteria.

    Useful Web Sites for the Arthur Miller:

    Arthur Miller

    Arthur Miller's official web page.

    Why I Wrote The Crucible

    An article by Arthur Miller

    Are You Now or Were you Ever

    An article written by Arthur Miller describing the Red Scare

    American Masters

    A summary from Miller's life from PBS.

    Fact and Fiction

    This web site looks at The Crucible and discusses fact vs. fiction.

    Useful Web Sites for the Joseph McCarthy:


    A biography from biography.com


    From ushistory.org, this web page discusses Joseph McCarthy's hunt for communists and likens it to the witch hunts that took place in Salem. 

    The Red Scare

    A brief overview of the red scare.


    PBS gives a brief description of HUAC.

    HUAC Meeting Transcript

    Testimony of Pete Seeger

    Political Cartoons

    From the Library of Congress, political cartoons from the McCarthy era.

    Interesting Videos:



    Arthur Miller talks about The Crucible, some of his motivations, and some lessons we can learn from this play. 

     Helpful Books in the School Library:

     Here you will find the call number and title of helpful books you can find and take out. If you are having trouble, ask Mrs. Blaschik for assistance.

    • 133.43 NAR -The Salem Witch Trials
    • 133.4 KAL -The Salem Witch Trials
    • 133.4 RIC - The Salem Witch Trials
    • 345.74 STA PBK -The Devil in Massachusetts: A Modern Enquirery into the Salem Witch Trails
    • 133.4 DIC -The Salem WitchCraft Delusion, 1692
    • 133.4 MOF PB -Cry "Witch" The Salem Witchcraft Trials 1692
    • 285.9 DEL -The Puritan Ordeal 
    • 974.4 COL -Pilgrims and Puritans, 1620-1676
    • FIC HEM - WIcked Girls: A Novel of the Salem Witch Trials
    • FIC RIN PBK -A Break With Charity: A Story About the Salem Witch Trials
    • FIC GEO - The Witch of Blackbird Pond
    • 791.4309 CEP -The Inquisition in Hollywood: Politics in the Film Community, 1930-1960
    • 812 ART - Arthur Miller
    • REF 973.921 EWA -Encyclopedia of the McCarthy Era
    • B MCC -Joseph McCarthy and the Cold War

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