• Presentation Tools


    Presentation Tools

    There are many options when deciding how to create and share information you have learned. Below is a list of options to choose from. These are not the only tools out there. You are encouraged to seek something different if you don't see what you like here. Be creative!

    Happy presenting!


    Cooler than PowerPoint, a zooming presentation tool.

    Tiki Toki
    After you sign up. Create timelines for a class or project.

    Wiki Spaces
    Create a WIKI and Share
    A poster making tool.
    A concept mapping and visualization tool.
    Free images for your projects.
    These images are free to use for educational use. 

    World Images
    Approximatley 100,000 images from around the world.

    Photo 8
    Thousand of images in the public domain.
    Cite the source where the picture came from. Or choose labeled for reuse.

    NASA images

    A copyright - friendly image library for students and teachers.

    Free to use, but may not be added to other photo libraries.

    NOAA Photo Library
    Free photos from the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

    Public Domain Images
    Free for private or commercial use.
    Search millions of historic photos.
    Using still images, music, and text create a 30 second video for free.


    Create video mashups with Masher.

    Photo Peach
    Create slideshows with captions from your Flickr, Picassa, or a Facebook account.



    A cloud based tool for mixing sounds.

    Jewel Beat
    Hundreds of sounds that you can download, reuse, and remix. 

    Free Music Download Sites

    Wolfram Tones

    Uses music theory and algorithms to create music.


    An online music library of copyright-free (public domain) music.


    All kinds of free sound effects available for download. 

    Royalty Free Music
    This education page has free music downloads for teachers and students.