• English Department Late and Retake Policy

    The H-DHS English Department has a consistent policy on late work and retakes.

    English Department

    Late Work & Retake Policy

    It is the belief of the English department that students will be given multiple opportunities to demonstrate proficiency on our course competencies. As such, students will be assessed on what they KNOW and are ABLE TO DO. However, because learning how to be responsible citizens is part of our school’s civic and social expectations, we believe that students should be held accountable for the work that they are expected to do.

    Formative Late Work

    If a student does not arrive to class with his/her formative assessment, s/he must complete a Missing Work Log where s/he articulates the reason for the incompletion; the log may also require a parent’s signature. This log will be kept on file with the teacher. The formative grade will be entered into the gradebook as an INC for up to two weeks. After that timeframe, the INC will be transferred to a 0% for the assignment. If a student habitually does not complete formative work and accumulates Missing Work Logs, s/he may be required to serve afterschool in the Academic Support Center; that action will be left up to the teacher’s discretion.

    Summative Late Work

    If a student does not complete or scores poorly on a summative assessment, s/he will be required to complete a Summative Retake Contract. This contract will require the student, at the discretion of the teacher, to complete certain formative steps prior to a retake. If a student does not meet the expectations outlined in the contract, s/he will forfeit the right to earn credit on the assessment and will, instead, be required to demonstrate proficiency on the competency in a different way.