• Virtual Architecture - Day 10

    Critical Writing –Virtual Architecture- Day 10 Argumentative


    As you worked through this module, you learned the difference between designing using hand drawing and using CAD software. You also learned the difference between traditional CAD software and Virtual, or “walkthrough,” CAD software. Naturally, what you are designing will help you decide on the best method. If you are designing a hammer, being able to do a virtual walkthrough is of no value.

    Let’s assume that you have all three methods available (hand drawing tools, traditional CAD software and virtual, or walkthrough, CAD software) and you are already skilled at using all three methods. Describe and defend in a paragraph each, which method you would use to design the following three projects and why:

    • An automobile

    • A golf course

    • A private home


    • Organization: Write an introduction in which you clearly state your position (your claim) about the issue, sequence all the information logically, and finish with a strong conclusion statement that supports your side of the argument.

    • Support: Provide support for your claim using accurate facts and evidence, and acknowledge the other side of the issue, the counterclaim.

    • Word choice: Select words and phrases that create relationships between the claim(s), counterclaim and evidence.

    • Mechanics: Use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation