• CAD - Day 5

    DAY 5 CAD

    Critical Writing – Narrative


    The LMJ Group has been in the Lawrence family for 45 years. While they design and build technologically advanced office buildings, not all the senior partners have adopted CAD. Jack Lawrence, who only knows how to use a drafting board, has asked for your help. “Get me up to speed on CAD,” he said. “The Company just purchased a new computer system and is replacing hand drafting operations with CAD.” Mr. Lawrence expects you to be their consultant and help him draft a multi-view project using a CAD system.

    From your knowledge of AutoSketch, and the capabilities this CAD program has, you are to develop a written summary to introduce Mr. Lawrence to CAD. First, describe the benefits and advantages of using AutoSketch rather than drawing by hand. Then, explain each of the CAD components listed below. Describe the purpose of each one and why they are important to know when using AutoSketch.

    • Drawing lines (explain the various types)

    • 3-point arc

    • Zoom feature

    • Multi-view

    • Symbols


    • Organization: Write a clear introduction to the topic, sequence all the information logically, and finish with a strong conclusion statement.

    • Explanation: Answer the questions completely; include many significant facts, details and examples to support your explanation.

    • Vocabulary: Use several key vocabulary terms from the module to answer the questions.

    • Mechanics: Use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.