• Computer Graphics - Day 5

    Computer Graphics and Animation Critical Writing — Narrative


    The World of Graphics magazine is in search of two young designers who know how to target advertisements to readers in specific age groups. The magazine will hire two students as interns who seem the most creative and knowledgeable about graphic design. Their thinking is pretty simple - if they can identify advertisements that really connect with students your age, they’ll have a formula that attracts readers to their advertisers’ products every time.

    Then, they can charge those advertisers more money for each ad.

    Before you are given an opportunity to interview for the internship, you must write and submit an essay, responding to the questions below. World of Graphics offers paid internships, so be creative and thorough in your essay.

    • What do you think makes an advertisement layout appeal to students your age?

    • What elements in an ad send powerful messages to your age group?

    • Explain why logos and font choice are so important.

    • Describe an advertisement that exists today and explain why you feel it is so appealing to your age group.


    • Organization: Write a clear introduction to the topic, sequence all the information logically, and finish with a strong conclusion statement.

    • Explanation: Answer the questions completely; include many significant facts, details and examples to support your explanation.

    • Vocabulary: Use several key vocabulary terms from the module to answer the questions.

    • Mechanics: Use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.