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    Welcome to the School Psychology page for SAU 34! 

    School psychologists are "related service providers," just like speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists and physical therapists. We are specialists in the areas of cognitive, learning, social, emotional and behavioral development, as well as in educational interventions. We provide a range of supports and services to help students find success and enjoyment in school, and to develop the skills and strengths needed as they grow and mature toward adulthood. These services include evaluation, crisis intervention, risk assessment, skills-based counseling support, teacher consultation, resource referrals and collaboration with families, caregivers, medical providers, mental health providers and social service providers. 

     Meet our School Psychologists!

    Heather Queen joined the Hillsboro-Deering School District in January 2005. She holds a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Vermont and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Keene State College. Heather is certified by the State of New Hampshire as a school psychologist and as a clinical social worker. Prior to working at HDSD, she worked as a child and family therapist and an administrator in community mental health settings in rural Vermont, Virginia and New Hampshire. Currently, you can find Heather at Hillsboro-Deering Middle School and at the Hillsboro-Deering High School's alternative program. 

    Stacey Vazquez joined HDSD in August 2009, first as the director of the Hillsboro-Deering High School Alternative Education program and later as a school psychologist. She holds a Master of Science degree in Community Counseling from St. Cloud (MN) State. Stacey is certified by the State of New Hampshire as a school psychologist. Prior to working at HDSD, Stacey worked in residential and outpatient mental health settings, specializing in services for children, adolescents and families. Presently, Stacey is the primary school psychologist for Hillsboro-Deering Elementary School. 

    Eric Geaumont has worked for HDSD as a school psychologist, off and on, for several years. Currently, he is the primary school psychologist for Hillsboro-Deering High School and Washington Elementary School. Eric holds a Master of Science Degree in Mental Health Counseling, and he is certified by the State of NH as both a school psychologist and a clinical mental health counselor. In his spare time he also provides outpatient counseling services at Brookside Counseling in Hillsboro. 





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