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    School Counseling!

    The School Counseling Department at Hillsboro-Deering Middle School offers a range of services to support all students as they grow through their early adolescent years. The middle school years--the bridge between elementary school and high school--represent a time of dynamic and rapid growth for our students, and our goal is to provide support and resources to help them successfully navigate the many changes they face during these years.

    School counseling services include crisis intervention, short-term skills-based counseling support, classroom-based lessons on topics ranging from stress management skills to teen mental health to early career exploration, and consultation with teachers, caregivers and outside service providers. 

    If you have concerns about your child and would like to speak to a school counselor, please contact HDMS at 464-1120. 




  • Please refer to the resource links (left side of page) for information and guidance on supporting your child during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order. 

    If you have concerns about your child's learning or well-being during the stay-at-home order, please reach out to HDMS staff members for assistance:

    Your child's advisor (firstinitiallastname@hdsd.org)

    Principal Marc Peterson:  mpeterson@hdsd.org or 464-1289

    Assistant Principal Patrick West:  pwest@hdsd.org or 464-1202

    Special Education Coordinator Dorothy O'Rourke:  dorourke@hdsd.org or 464-1266

    School Psychologist Heather Queen:  hqueen@hdsd.org or 464-1254

    School Nurse Sharon Gamache:  sgamache@hdsd.org  or 464-1275