*****Please note that Duncan-Jenkins Grant applications can no longer be dropped off  or mailed to the Upton and Hatfield office.

    Applications must be emailed to duncanjenkins.trust@gmail.com 

    Although applications can be submitted at any time, they must be received a week prior to the D-J Trust Committee meeting for consideration. D-J Trust Committee meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month and are posted on the SAU and each school's website calendar.


    The Duncan-Jenkins Trust

    The Duncan-Jenkins Trust was created and endowed in 2001 by the last will and testament of Sarah E. Jenkins of East Washington, New Hampshire. The purpose of the trust is to benefit the schools, staff and graduates of Washington and Hillsboro-Deering School Districts by adding enrichment above and beyond what taxpayers are expected to finance.

    The will states: "It is not my intention to . . . fund programs that would be otherwise funded from taxpayer dollars."

    Trust Committee:                            

    Douglas Hatfield: 464-5578
    Patricia Parenteau 660-1909
    Jed Schwartz: 495-3125
    Jennifer Crawford: 464-4466
    Chris Bober 769-1483
    Linda Musmanno: 495-3042

    Email: DuncanJenkins.Trust@gmail.com 

    Students entering college and those already in college can apply for a Duncan-Jenkins Scholarship by completing the Common Application for Local Scholarships. The Duncan-Jenkins Trust Grant Committee receives applications each year for a wide variety of programs, and with each application you have the opportunity to present the program in your own unique style.

    Grant Application Guidelines

    There is specific information requested on the applications that the Committee uses to determine whether or not the program meets the requirements set forth in Sally Jenkins' will. There is other requested information, such as budget information, that is equally important to the Committee in order to complete their review of the applications.

    Each applicant also has the opportunity to enthusiastically expand on the basic application with any additional details that may be relevant to the program or benefits of the program.